About Us

"It's a nice weather day," somebody once said to me. "Why don't we go for a trip?"

So we did it.

The sun was shining brightly, we didn't use our air conditioner because the breeze was just perfect, and the sky - it was as blue as the sea ahead us. We had a lot fun that day - the light, easy feelings as everything else doesn't matters, flooded inside us.

Though the day ended, I know it was only one of tons of nice weather days that we'll have in our life.

Then the rainy season came. I thought our nice weather days were over, for sure.

But, no!

Rainy days can be as fun as sunny days, as long as you have those nice-weather-day's mood inside you.

It's not always beaches or prairie, but some times a simple little cafes with their uniqueness and friends that you love can turn a numb day to a nice weather day. Even though it's raining.

So, we've been thinking. Why don't we share a small part of 'a nice weather day' it with others?


Summer and Spring


We're here to give you a little of what's called those nice weather days - with fashions and stuffs.

From clothing that are perfect for a nice weather day, fun accessories, to a short daily escape trip packages will be offered at our little shop and on-line.

Anyway, we just can't wait to have fun with you...!
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