Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hoodie Edition on Localock!

Ria Papermoon (borrowed from her blog: KuwaciKecil)


We have a good news today: We're on Localock!

For you who haven't any idea what localock is, we'll give you a short modified description, taken from the owners blog post. ;)

"Localock" is a project by Ria Papermoon to post the things that she have, get, given or buy from local (means Indonesian) creator.

Yup, she's on of our winners on our makeover contest. The one with the 'awesome' touch. :)

Photos were taken by her husband, Iwan Effendi on bright sunny picnic day at Fort Canning Park, Singapore.

Anyway, check out the full post on KuwaciKecil. And also, don't forget to check our her work with the Papermoon Puppet Theatre team.

Thank you so much, Ria... :*

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