Monday, June 6, 2011

Need a Break?

Beside having fun with our collections of fashion, we also care about the holiday itself. That's why our shop is not called (merely) a boutique, but it's a holiday shop!

Yup. We do sell a lot of fashion items, and Summer and Spring IS our label.

However, we also providing a set of short-trip packages for you and your friends. It's a kind of an 'escape-the-routine' trip.

Exotic places such as hidden beach or secret garden are ready to be explored in a day! And the best thing is: you don't have to get it done by yourself!

Just bring your friends and prepare yourself for an adventure that you choose.

If you're not so in to adventures and surprises, and need a safe escape trip, we can also arrange you a nice, pretty picnic for you and whoever you want to take for a picnic.

So, do you need a break this weekend? Escaping your routine to a far away short trip or some picnic destination?

Sounds fun to us! :)

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