Friday, May 20, 2011

Summer and Lillian: Summerdress

Hi! How are you, all?

The weather is pretty hot these days, isn't it? It's still hot even when it's raining. Yup, it already rained a few times this week.

Rainy or not, in our breezy, tropical island, it's usually summer all the year. It's just that lately, we had too much rain in our summer.

Anyway, we're still preparing some new summerdress to be launched this June. A little stuck here and there, but we're trying our best to cope all the issues. Hopefully all goes well.

Made for summer time and sun exposure, those casual dresses in a lightweight fabric will be just perfect for a chic, sunny day.

Anyway, do you know who made it so popular?

It's Lillian Pulitzer Rousseau. Born on November 10, 1931 with the name Lillian Lee McKim, she brilliantly turned her juice stand into a clothing line. Her colorful, sleeveless cotton shifts that she sold beside her juice stand became (unexpectedly) so famous, and known as the "Classic Shift Dress".

Then people start calling it sundress or summerdress.

So, thank her! Because of her, we can be in summer, casual, and chic at the same time! :)

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